Love is a better teacher than duty.

The first and greatest dating guild in all of Tyria

No obstacles too great, or burden too small

Don't let those nasty dragons and thieving skritt get in the way of a lasting relationship

Divinity's Reach Seraph Approved

Endorsed by notable figures such Logan Thackeray of the Divinity's Reach Seraph and Countess Anise of the Shining Blade

Subscibe to [DATE] now!

For a minimum fee of 10G per month, subscribe to the greatest love service in Tyria and watch them swoon all over you

Who We Are

Online Dating Guild [DATE] specialize in finding long lasting relationships between the citizens of Tyria. We are an organization dedicated in helping those lost in love or just the lonely adventurers missing that next great adventure. We are currently established in the Sea of Sorrows (NA) but are looking to expand to other regions.

Our monthly subscription rate of 10g allows you access to members all over the land! So join today and meet hot singles in your area now!

Key Members

  • Logan Thackeray
  • Majory Delaqua
  • Faolain of the Cycle of Dusk

Lifetime Member Guarantee

As the only love matching service currently operating within Tyria, we have a guaranteed success rate of about 78% - and with such guarantee, it is your right as a subscriber to continue our services until that guarantee is fullfilled. We do not force any penalties for failure, and you are free to discontinue our services at any time.

No Race or Class Restrictions

DATE is open to all races, classes and genders. We believe everyone has a heart, but more importantly we believe everyone needs love - even that Sylvari Ranger. So we treat all our subscribers with equal weight. Our member packages do not descriminate between Norns and Asurans or Krytans and Ascalonians. Whoever you are, DATE is for you!

Endorsed by notable figures

As a very small company we are proud of the achievements we have accomplished, especially within the Krytan regions. We are currently endorsed by the Divinity's Reach Seraph. In fact, the true driving force of DATE has been none other than Logan Thackeray, who up until this day has been using our services since its establishment.

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